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Customers Experience

My name is Stacie Roy and I visited "Any Lab" with my grandson "Tyson".

Unfortunately I had to doubt the paternity of my grandson due to the mother's infidelity early on in the relationship with my son-coming to the lab was a very hard decision for me but a necessary one.

Mr. Hopman explained the easy procedure for both Tyson and myself and within a week we had the results we had hoped for. I would recommend this lab to friend's and family.
Stacie Roy
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Maternity Test

Maternity DNA Test

A maternity DNA test is similar to a paternity test but instead of determining the probability that a certain man is the biological father it determines whether a woman could be the biological mother of a child.

Maternity DNA Test

The DNA profile of the child is compared with the DNA profile of the alleged mother and the results will tell how likely it is that the woman is the biological mother.

Maternity test results may be used in the following circumstances:

  • To confirm that an adoptee has been reunited with his/her birth mother
  • To prove biological relationships in an immigration case
  • To confirm that an embryo conceived through in vitro fertilization was implanted into the correct mother
  • To resolve situations in which mothers or hospital staff suspect that a baby mix-up has occurred in the nursery

In a maternity test the alleged mother and child need to be tested. It is helpful if the father is also available, because the DNA part of the father can be excluded and no additional analysis is necessary.


Our professional medical assistant will rub a swab on the inside of both cheeks of the child and possible mother to collect the sample for determining the maternity of a single child. If more than one child is being tested or if there is more than one alleged mother, additional fees will be incurred. If you have a specimen with DNA on it, please ask the sales associate if we are able to do the test on your specimen and for additional pricing.