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Customers Experience

My name is Stacie Roy and I visited "Any Lab" with my grandson "Tyson".

Unfortunately I had to doubt the paternity of my grandson due to the mother's infidelity early on in the relationship with my son-coming to the lab was a very hard decision for me but a necessary one.

Mr. Hopman explained the easy procedure for both Tyson and myself and within a week we had the results we had hoped for. I would recommend this lab to friend's and family.
Stacie Roy
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Ancestry Testing

Ancestry DNA Testing

While it can’t provide you with your entire family tree or tell you who your ancestors are, DNA testing can:

  • Determine if two people are related
  • Determine if two people descend from the same ancestor
  • Find out if you are related to others with the same surname
  • Prove or disprove your family tree research
  • Provide clues about your ethnic origin

There are 3 different test options:

Ancestry DNA Testing

(1) YSTR Male Lineage Testing

The Y-STR male lineage test is used to determine whether two or more males are related through their paternal lineage. The Y chromosome is passed from father to son and has a relatively infrequent mutation rate, thus it remains the same through many generations.

(2) X-SV Maternal Lineage Testing

The X-SV maternal lineage test is used to determine whether two or more people are related through their maternal lineage, or if male and/or female children have the same biological mother. The Mitochondrial DNA sequence variation is passed from females to their children and has a relatively infrequent mutation rate, thus it remains the same through many generations. (Males do not pass the X-SV they inherited from their mother to their children).

(3) DNA Ancestry Testing

With our DNA Ancestry test, your DNA profile is going to be compared against hundreds of populations and fourteen anthropological regions whose collective genetic information is known and scientifically validated.

Population Matches: Your DNA is compared against every population in our database. We measure the likelihood that your genetic information is linked with each of those populations and regions, and plot the results on a very high resolution map.

Native Region Matches: Not using any of our “dispersed population” regions, we determine which anthropological native regions you have the strongest links with. While the population match map holds data concerning recent migrations to North America, the Native Region map does not, and can be regarded as a more of a “Deep Roots” match.

Green is the best match, yellow is a good match, and red indicates that no match or a weak match was made. In this set of calculations, we also specify five specific anthropological regions, which are in fact groups of dispersed populations. A dispersed population is one that has migrated from a native land to somewhere in the world.

At this time we have dispersed population data for African-Americans, European-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans and European-Australians.