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Liver Function Panel (Hepatic Function)

The Liver Function Panel (Hepatic Function) measures the blood levels of seven tests that you may want to check to see how well your liver is working. Your doctor may order it if you’re suffering from symptoms related to liver disease or if you regularly take medicine, which can affect the liver. This test is also recommended if you’ve been exposed to a Hepatitis A, B, or C virus.

Test Components:

This panel includes the following tests:

1. Total Protein
2. Albumin
3. Total Bilirubin
4. Direct Bilirubin
5. Alkaline Phosphatase
6. AST
7. ALT

Why Do I Need It?:

High or low levels in one of the seven tests in the Liver Function Panel (Hepatic Function) may indicate that liver damage or liver disease is present.

If you’re taking medicine or if you’ve been exposed to hepatitis, this test is typically recommended by your physician.