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1: Testosterone, Free (Direct), Serum With Total

The Testosterone, Free (Direct), Serum with Total Test will determine the level of testosterone (free and total) in your blood.
Testosterone is a hormone (commonly produced in males, but is also in females in small amounts) that affects sexual features and development. Testosterone levels explode in men after puberty and continue to rise until 40 years old.
Overall, this test will give you a better understanding of how much testosterone is in your blood.
1. Testosterone Free
2. Testosterone Total

Why Do I Need It?:
If you’re taking steroids, a testosterone supplement, or any other anti‐aging medicine, you should consider Testosterone, Free (Direct), Serum with Total Test. These supplements promote muscle and bone growth, but too much can affect your body in other ways.

Test Details:
Normal Range:

20-29 years 9.3-26.5 pg/mL
30-39 years 8.7-25.1 pg/mL
40-49 years 6.8-21.5 pg/mL
50-59 years 7.2-24.0 pg/mL/mL
>59 years 6.6-18.1 pg/mL


Age Male (ng/dL) Female (ng/dL)
1-5 mo 1-177 1-10


Age Male (ng/dL) Female (ng/dL)
1-5 mo 1-177 1-10
6-11 mo 1-10 1-10
1-5 y 0-10 0-10
6-7 y 0-20 0-10
8-10 y 0-25 0-30
11-12 y 0-350 0-50
13-15 y 15-500 0-50
Adults 241-827 14-76

High Results Indicate:
MEN: High levels can indicate testicular tumors, adrenal tumors or anabolic steroid use.
WOMEN: High levels can indicate Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or an ovarian or adrenal gland tumor.

Low Results Indicate:
MEN: Low levels may indicate hypothalamic or pituitary disease or damage to the testes. It can also indicate testicular failure or infertility.
WOMEN: Women should have low levels.